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In between bouts of migraine and a horrible toothache, I decided to update my website by making a static home page, adding more pages (check out the new links above: design, art, sculpture, shop…), FINALLY using the domain name I got 2 days after new year’s eve, and by making this intro/teaser video. Hmmm… maybe I should get sick more often! 🙂


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Come on, let’s CELEBR88!!! :)

Here’s something I made for the Silver Jubilee/Our homecoming this Sunday. I’m so excited! 🙂

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I hate not being able to post everyday, but I have been out of sorts this week. I’ve been suffering from a severe headache since last Sunday. I tried to work through it, took over the counter pain relievers, but they did not help. I finally went to my neurologist yesterday and he said that I had a nasty case of migraine. It has a fancy name, but, of course, I didn’t catch it. It’s the type that makes you stutter, forget things, make your knees weak, numb, and feel fatigued throughout the day. And those are just the “light” symptoms. Like I said, nasty.

So I’m back on steroids and other drugs. Sigh. I really must go back to yoga and Zen meditation. This is not funny anymore. Less stress, please!

I feel better already (guess the meds are working their magic), plus I feel proud that I was still able to make this despite the pain and fatigue. It’s a video teaser for my HS reunion. I didn’t do this alone, though. It takes a village to produce something like this: the logo creators, the designs that made Cecilia, the researchers, writers, people who suggested the app, technology!, and a cool and organized leader. Glad to be part of a great team! 🙂

Alright. Tomorrow’s another day. Better hit the sack before my migraine decides to come back. 🙂

Good night, world! 🙂

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