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Oooops, I did it again

I forgot to blog. Again. In my hazy, busy state yesterday, I thought I had already posted the entry I was composing in my head. Oh well. 🙂

Saturday is my busiest day of the week. I tutor the whole day and, as much as I tell myself to stay indoors on a Saturday night, I almost always end up going out with friends. Last night was quiet, though. Dinner, a drink, then home. Met some new people (which is always hard for me because I don’t have the patience for small talk, not even on texts or instant messaging!) and they were laid back and pleasant to be with. I might even see them again soon!

I have to leave in a while; I have to tutor for a couple of hours. Yes, on a Sunday. Technically I do not have a day off, but since I am freelance and I only tutor a couple of hours each day, I figured it would be okay. I’ve been doing this since October and I realize — no, confirmed — that this set up does not really work. I need a day or two to totally disconnect. I need to rearrange my schedule again soon. Sigh.

My kitties provide me with much needed entertainment, so I leave you with this photo: guess what’s behind curtain number one? 🙂


I don’t think Astro is meditating.

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Some days are tough. You get up, you do your own thing, then something mundane happens, like receiving a phone call or a text message, and then you realize that the last straw was closer than you thought it was. 

And then you have your meltdown and you get on with it. Sure, you get roughed up by life, but you have to go on. So what if carefully disguised friends are pilfering your ideas? Learn to shut your trap and create some more! So what if someone tries to hoodwink you? Learn to say no and peddle your wares to other possible clients. Having a tantrum or prolonging your cry-fest will not do you any good. These very same vultures and leeches are having a ball and reaping benefits from your ideas and hard work while you are going through a box of Kleenex in the dark. The best revenge would be to just live your life. No ifs, no buts, just live your life the best way you know. They don’t matter in the end.

So what’s it going to be?

A page from my Journal

I think this is a portrait of my soul: she’s tired and weary and gnarly and spent. Now she just wants to kick some ass.



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