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Twisted Tuesdays: beautiful lines


Last week I said Twister was the one who started it all, the one who put me on my path to Cat Ladyhood. 🙂 I became a cat mama because of him, and he got me started on drawing felines. While I was working on my lesson plans yesterday, I looked up and saw him sitting like this. He was facing the wall across the room, but he turned his head to look at the chirping birds outside the window. He stayed in that pose in a while. No wonder artists like to have cats as their fur companions. They are fascinating, mysterious creatures! And look at those lines! Twister’s form was incredible—the shape of his body, the angles. Such a gorgeous creature. He’s always been my favorite to draw, not only because he’s beautiful, but he’s a willing subject as well. Let’s fill my journal, shall we, Twister? 🙂


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Throwback Thursday: drawing from 1993 or 1994

This is a drawing that I made in pencil two decades ago. I joined an art workshop one summer… Funny, now I’m the one conducting art classes! Wow, that’s a real “Throwback Thursday” for me! 🙂


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Journal obsession

Late last year, Moleskine came out with a limited edition notebook for The Hobbit. I had to have it, of course, so I asked my sister (who lives in the States) to get it for me. She was scheduled to visit Manila in February, so I had to wait a bit before I could get it. Of course The Hobbit notebook was released here in Manila in December… I could have gotten another one, but NO!, I wanted to wait.

My sister came as scheduled and I finally had my precioussssss. Unfortunately, I was still halfway through my other Moleskine journal so I couldn’t open it yet. You see, I was in the process of kicking my journal hoarding addiction. I had a penchant for buying one, opening it, only using a page or two, then when I see another one, I’d buy it, open, draw a bit, and then I’d see another cute one and the cycle would go on and on. At one time I had about 10 notebooks that were divested of their plastic covers, but were mainly left unused. It was quite confusing after a while because I would jump from one to the other. There was no continuity in my thoughts or my illustrations. So about two years ago, I had to promise myself to just stick to one. I had to put the other journals to good use, though, so I used them for my lesson plans and for work. I also started writing and drawing once a day.

Which brings me to my current journal. I finished my last one on May 31st. I could finally use my beloved Hobbit Moleskine! It was so pretty: it smells good, the etched cover, the map inside…


… But the paper is THIN! Thin!!! I did not expect that. I wrote on one page and the ink seeped through to the other side! ARGH. What a let down.

I still have to use it, though, so I found a creative solution to my problem: I cut up some pages from an old phonebook and stuck them on alternate pages. I’ll end up wrecking this notebook because it’s going to get really fat, but, hey!, it’s better than seeing your handwriting or drawing from the other side of the page. Annoying.




I’m still extremely disappointed, though, Moleskine. Extremely disappointed.

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Sunday night / Monday morning

No genies in here

No genies in here


I’ve been working all day in front of the computer. No holiday for me! 🙂 I’m not complaining, though; I really enjoy updating my website. I was finally able to upload things in my shop! Yipee! I like all of that, but, I have to admit, I needed time to stretch my hands and brain and draw. I couldn’t think of anything to sketch so I chose the water bottle in front of me. Not pretty, but–whew!–I desperately needed that. 🙂

Brain is slowing down. Getting distracted again! I always leave the door to my room open so that the cats could freely come and go as they please. Guess who’s baring her tummy right in front of it?



She looks like she’s daring me to go ahead and streeeeeetch. Sigh. I wish I could just relax like that! 🙂 Guess it’s a sign that I should go get some shut-eye myself. *yawn* Tomorrow is going to be another loooooong day. Like I said, no holiday for me!

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Dang! Twister moved before I could finish. Oh well.


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One for the road

One last pic before I head to bed. I just want to draw and paint tomorrow. Today was ROUGH! 😦 Good night, world! (Good morning to some of you!)


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To do in 2013: Draw everyday

Drawing Twister

My little muse will definitely force me to do it. 🙂

Using my muse to test my color palette.

Using my muse to test my color palette.


Or maybe not… ;o)


Sleeping on the job again... :)

Sleeping on the job again… 🙂


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