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Million People March


“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” – Galadriel to Frodo

Today I took part in the Million People March, a peaceful protest against the Priority Development Assistance Fund commonly called as the Pork Barrel. I am not a political activist, but I went because I wanted to be heard. Over 400,000 filipinos, like me, in their own way, wanted to make a difference and showed up at Luneta Park to clamor for change. I didn’t have to make a speech to be heard or to sing and dance to be noticed. By being there I showed the nation (and the world!) that my voice mattered. Enough is enough. No to corruption. No to the misuse of public funds. Philippine government, we are watching you.

Note: aerial shots were taken by Architect Paulo Alcazaren

To know more about the issue, watch this video.

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