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Wednesday on a Wednesday: thank you

Oh, hello, gorgeous!

Oh, hello, gorgeous!


Lest I forget– here’s the Lady Wednesday. She was the first one to comfort me, as usual.

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Twisted Tuesdays: Hypnotized


I think he’s trying to convince me to get rid of the other cats. “Look into my eyes…” Hahaha πŸ™‚

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Caturday Movie Marathon


Friday night with great friends (more like family, really) turned into a chilly sleepover at the roof deck. I’m taking full advantage of my 3-day weekend (all my tutorials were miraculously cancelled—either the family was going out of town or attending an event. Yay, Teacher Steph!) by vegging with my people and now with my kitties. I am grateful! This is exactly what I needed.

I just finished watching “The Cat from Outer Space”, a campy, feline version of E.T. from the late 70s, and am preparing for the next one, “Despicable Me”. I am probably the only living being on earth who hasn’t seen the Minions in action, and I will remedy that in a bit. Part 2 is next.

So, good night, world! I shall see you in the morning. πŸ™‚

P.S. The Philippines is a tropical country and the average temperature here is 30-32*C. We’ve been having unusually cold weather the past couple of weeks; it was 16*C last night! I’m hoping for another cool night so I could thoroughly enjoy my mini-break. Good night! πŸ™‚

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Wednesday on a Wednesday: scardy cat

The maintenance guy of our compound came over this morning and disrupted our daily routine. I usually feed my fur kids first thing in the morning after I get up. They all get hugs and kisses and belly scratches before I distribute their breakfast, though. Yes, they’ve got to earn their grub! ;o) We run around and play right after. I only get to sit down and eat mine after all this, which is probably an hour after I wake up.

So today Mr. Maintenance Dude knocks on the front door before I could get them all together in the kitchen. They all jumped out of their skins, of course (Hey, who changed the script?!), and did their own thing: Wednesday ran upstairs to hide, Twister ran to the top of the stairs to observe what was going on, Astroboy went up the first stair and waited, and Ella ignored Mr. MD and meowed for her food. I chatted with our guest and gave instructions on what to do and continued to prepare the kitties’ breakfast. Ella scarfed down hers, while Astro nibbled while keeping an eye out for the strange man in the house. Twister and Wednesday, of course, refused to come down.

Mr. MD stayed for about 4 hours. Twister made an appearance and demanded for breakfast and lunch; Wednesday was nowhere to be found. I had to rush out right after and go to my class and didn’t see her until I got home. She’s handling surprises better nowadays; she usually stays in her hiding place for over a day before gingerly coming out. She’s the epitome of a scardy cat, something that had always worried me before. When I moved homes back in October, it took her 3 days to come out from under the bed, another 3 to go out of the room, and about 2 days more to go down the stairs and explore the rest of the house. She would get feverish and would withdraw when she was spooked. It worried me that the stress would cause her to get sick.

But things got better after a while. I noticed a change in her after my foster cat, Jello, moved to her permanent home. She terrorized Wednesday, which made the poor lady more jumpy. And then Astro and Ella came into our lives. They drew her out of her shell and help her rediscover her “inner kitten”, the one who used to zoom around and play hide and seek in the cattery. It made me realize that up until December last year, she was probably unhappy. She needed to be with joyful, playful cats. Twister was just too antisocial and Jello, a menace. This makes me doubly happy that I made that decision to save Astro and adopt Ella even though I knew it was a risk and I could have disrupted life in our little bubble even more. I’m glad that it all worked out in the end and that Wednesday is on her way to being a scardy cat no more. πŸ™‚


The Phoenix Cat, reborn and confident. πŸ™‚

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Twisted Tuesdays: beautiful lines


Last week I said Twister was the one who started it all, the one who put me on my path to Cat Ladyhood. πŸ™‚ I became a cat mama because of him, and he got me started on drawing felines. While I was working on my lesson plans yesterday, I looked up and saw him sitting like this. He was facing the wall across the room, but he turned his head to look at the chirping birds outside the window. He stayed in that pose in a while. No wonder artists like to have cats as their fur companions. They are fascinating, mysterious creatures! And look at those lines! Twister’s form was incredible—the shape of his body, the angles. Such a gorgeous creature. He’s always been my favorite to draw, not only because he’s beautiful, but he’s a willing subject as well. Let’s fill my journal, shall we, Twister? πŸ™‚


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Astroboy, the cat model

Late last year, I got myself some printed cushions from The Souk Shop. Astroboy took a liking to them and spent countless hours napping on top/beside/under the throw pillows. I had to document these moments, of course, and posted some pics on Instagram and tagged the shop.

The pic that started it all.

The pic that started it all.

It also doubles as a cat comforter. :)

It also doubles as a cat comforter. πŸ™‚

Hanging out with Wednesday.

Hanging out with Wednesday.

The owner, my friend Bambi, re-posted the images and got a record-breaking number of likes. Apparently, Astroboy could be a good product endorser. And so she asked me to take pics of the little star with her latest product, the Market Basket. Here are some of the photos from the shoot (sounds so professional!):

Astroboy for The Souk Shop: What's in your Market Bag?

Astroboy for The Souk Shop: What’s in your Market Bag?

I used more of The Souk Shop’s products for the photo shoot for my Christmas e-card last year. I set the items on a rug and let my kitties loose on them. What a riot! Of course they did their own thing; I was just there to click the camera and hope to get good shots. Here are the outtakes:

Outtakes from the Christmas shoot

Outtakes from the Christmas shoot

It’s amazing how different their personalities are from each other. Astroboy is a real star; he knew how to pose and project to the camera! That shot of Ella was the first and only clear one. She was so excited to be surrounded by baskets and rugs, she wanted to rub her scent all over them. Hah! Wednesday refused to participate. That’s my flower child; she has a world of her own in her head. hehehe. She likes to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Now Twister was a different story. He terrorized the other kitties and wanted the “set” for himself. He was suspicious of the whole thing, though, and inspected each one carefully.

My Christmas e-card

My Christmas e-card

I’m definitely buying more things from The Souk Shop this year. The kitties even love the curtains I got from them! πŸ™‚ Too bad I can’t get the ceramic stuff…

Twister contemplates on my Buddha draperies.

Twister contemplates on my Buddha draperies.

Get these items and more from The Souk Shop. πŸ™‚ My cats are not included!

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Pet Portraits

I have to learn how to promote my art and my services, so here it goes… πŸ™‚

Remember the study I made a couple of days ago? This is Sylvester. This is his watercolor portrait. πŸ™‚ If you are interested in having one made (cat, dog, horse, bunny, etc), please send me an email at magicpoppet@me.com or send me a message via this website and let’s talk. πŸ™‚


Sylvester’s portrait in watercolor

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Oooops, I did it again

I forgot to blog. Again. In my hazy, busy state yesterday, I thought I had already posted the entry I was composing in my head. Oh well. πŸ™‚

Saturday is my busiest day of the week. I tutor the whole day and, as much as I tell myself to stay indoors on a Saturday night, I almost always end up going out with friends. Last night was quiet, though. Dinner, a drink, then home. Met some new people (which is always hard for me because I don’t have the patience for small talk, not even on texts or instant messaging!) and they were laid back and pleasant to be with. I might even see them again soon!

I have to leave in a while; I have to tutor for a couple of hours. Yes, on a Sunday. Technically I do not have a day off, but since I am freelance and I only tutor a couple of hours each day, I figured it would be okay. I’ve been doing this since October and I realize — no, confirmed — that this set up does not really work. I need a day or two to totally disconnect. I need to rearrange my schedule again soon. Sigh.

My kitties provide me with much needed entertainment, so I leave you with this photo: guess what’s behind curtain number one? πŸ™‚


I don’t think Astro is meditating.

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Fatigued Friday


Purr machine extraordinaire πŸ™‚

Blah. Still struggling. 😦 Another fatigued Friday πŸ˜” I’m trying to get some relief from this murky state by giving my dear Twister a cat massage. It’s the best! That way Twister feels more secure and confident that he is Top Cat in this household, we strengthen our bond, and I get purrs in return to help counter fatigue.

Happy Friday, one and all! πŸ™‚

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