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An “Instant Mommy” nurse


That’s me as a nurse in the film “Instant Mommy”. I was on for about 30 seconds; made me cringe with embarrassment and feel joy at the same time when I saw myself on the big screen. What a nerve wracking experience! I wrote about my stint as an Instant Actress in May. What a fun ride! πŸ™‚

Instant Mommy” is still showing in cinemas all over the Philippines. Go catch it now! πŸ™‚


Poster by director and writer Leo Abaya. Taken from IMDb.

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Instant Actress

Last Sunday I experienced a first: I became a “talent” on a film! Okay, I’m lying; I’ve been an extra before. I was the translator for “The CΓ³nsul of Sodom” when they filmed here in Manila back in 2009 and they cast me as a tobacco factory worker. I don’t think I was even seen on screen so that doesn’t count. Hahaha.

Anyway, “Extra” is not the right term to use for me this time around; it’s “actor” since I was given some lines to speak. EEEEEEP! Β For a self-conscious antisocial with stage fright, it ranks high on my list of nerve-wracking-things-I’ve-done-in-my-life-so-far. All those people staring at you… and the camera! I will probably appear on film for a total of 3 minutes, no big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it was a big step for me. I am definitely keeping my day job as an artist/art teacher/graphic designer/Spanish teacher/translator. ;o)

Thanks Nathaniel for the pictures, Marya and Jessica for the company, and Director Leo for the opportunity to be immortalized on film! πŸ™‚ Wheeeeehoooo!

“Instant Mommy” stars Eugene Domingo. It is part of Cinemalaya 2013 and will run from July 26-August 4, 2013 at the CCP, Greenbelt 3, and Trinoma.


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