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Twister's 3rd year

Twister’s 3rd year

Happy 3rd “Founding Day” to my one and only grumpy darling, Twister! He’s my “first born”, my original lucky cat, the one who transformed me into a Cat Mama, who inspired me to make pet portraits, Meow shirts, and help other felines like him. You are purrrfect to me, Mr. Sungit! Purrrrr on!!!



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Astroboy, the cat model

Late last year, I got myself some printed cushions from The Souk Shop. Astroboy took a liking to them and spent countless hours napping on top/beside/under the throw pillows. I had to document these moments, of course, and posted some pics on Instagram and tagged the shop.

The pic that started it all.

The pic that started it all.

It also doubles as a cat comforter. :)

It also doubles as a cat comforter. 🙂

Hanging out with Wednesday.

Hanging out with Wednesday.

The owner, my friend Bambi, re-posted the images and got a record-breaking number of likes. Apparently, Astroboy could be a good product endorser. And so she asked me to take pics of the little star with her latest product, the Market Basket. Here are some of the photos from the shoot (sounds so professional!):

Astroboy for The Souk Shop: What's in your Market Bag?

Astroboy for The Souk Shop: What’s in your Market Bag?

I used more of The Souk Shop’s products for the photo shoot for my Christmas e-card last year. I set the items on a rug and let my kitties loose on them. What a riot! Of course they did their own thing; I was just there to click the camera and hope to get good shots. Here are the outtakes:

Outtakes from the Christmas shoot

Outtakes from the Christmas shoot

It’s amazing how different their personalities are from each other. Astroboy is a real star; he knew how to pose and project to the camera! That shot of Ella was the first and only clear one. She was so excited to be surrounded by baskets and rugs, she wanted to rub her scent all over them. Hah! Wednesday refused to participate. That’s my flower child; she has a world of her own in her head. hehehe. She likes to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. Now Twister was a different story. He terrorized the other kitties and wanted the “set” for himself. He was suspicious of the whole thing, though, and inspected each one carefully.

My Christmas e-card

My Christmas e-card

I’m definitely buying more things from The Souk Shop this year. The kitties even love the curtains I got from them! 🙂 Too bad I can’t get the ceramic stuff…

Twister contemplates on my Buddha draperies.

Twister contemplates on my Buddha draperies.

Get these items and more from The Souk Shop. 🙂 My cats are not included!

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It’s another Caturday… Twister looks like he’s about to sneeze. 🙂 Actually, he was sleepy but wanted to play and was begging for food at the same time. ;o) Now that’s multi-tasking, feline style! 🙂


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Burning the midnight oil

This is not what the doctor ordered. It’s 1:30AM and I’m still working. Last night I want to bed at 4AM, the other night at 5AM. I probably wont get proper rest till I finish this project (Sunday? Monday???)… But then I still have to redo some pages of a catalogue I designed recently… Whatever. I’ll sleep when I can. I’ll just channel my cats who can sleep whenever, wherever. 🙂


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