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My Ateneo Art Gallery Art Students

I love the artworks made by my kids! I am extremely proud of my students. I can’t believe summer is almost over… 😦 We set up their exhibit today and finished painting the murals. Tomorrow we are going to present their works to their parents. So exciting! Here are some of the works that will be exhibited at the gallery:


This was made by 7 year old Amanda. The class was only supposed to be for kids from 9-12 years old, but her father insisted that she joined. Good thing we gave in and let her in because she kept up with the older kids and really did a good job! 🙂


This was made by Audrey. Our activity was to make an alternative portrait of someone with an object that represents his or her (or in this case, its!) personality by using one continuous line. She chose to make a portrait of a fish with a flower. How creative!


These sculptural pieces were made by Mikaela. She didn’t know what to sculpt, so she made little things that she could rearrange and stack to make different sculptures. Wonderful!


This collage was made by Kristian. It’s his commentary on the effects of pop culture/media on kids (and adults) today. He made light of it, but it’s a clear idea of what is going on right now. He’s quite shy and insecure—he didn’t realize he made a good work of art!


This is an unfinished work by Jolly. I really appreciate this one because he’s a boy with a lot of energy, who cannot sit still for five minutes, and yet was able to produce this intricate drawing. I think it’s beautiful even if it’s not painted!


Kian made this sculpture. He wanted to make a fish, then a bird and ended up with a flying fish! 🙂 Here’s another boy with a bundle of energy who was able to create and finish his work. It’s an adorable piece! He put the fun back in creating! 🙂


Travis also made an animal sculpture. He made a solid and reliable looking dog. It’s very much like him—he made sure his group mates did their part so they could finish their projects. He’s also intelligent and creative.


Nieves loves to draw animals and mythical creatures. She brought one of them to life by making this dog sculpture. You can tell that she already has a style of her own—her sculpture looks exactly like her drawings! Adorable!


JR, the most serious of the bunch, created this piece by using colored india inks. This was inspired by one of Fernando Zóbel’s works from his Saeta series. We listened to one Saeta song and he made this. He has great skills and has a good command of art materials for such a young boy. The Force is strong with this one. ;o)


And last, but not the least, is Renzo. This is his interpretation of the Saeta we listened to. He likes to work under the radar—but his works will catch your attention. You can see that there is thought behind what he does.

And there you have it: my first batch of students from the Ateneo Art Gallery Summer Art Workshop. My students really did a fantastic job! I’m going to miss them. I hope this workshop gave them a jolt of energy that they need for the incoming school year. Keep on creating, kids! 🙂

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It’s been forever since my last entry. Forgive me, my dear blog. 🙂

The top two artworks were painted by Fernando Zóbel, a Spanish-Filipino modernist painter. They were inspired by “Saetas”, a series of religious songs sung a capella during Holy Week in Spain. Zóbel used a syringe to paint the precise lines in his artworks. My students listened to a couple of Saetas (they hated it! Too scary!) and produced the bottom two paintings. They used ink droppers and india ink to paint their works on poster paper.

Zóbel’s paintings “Saeta no. 36” and “Saeta no. 42” are part of the permanent collection of the Ateneo Art Gallery, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Philippines.

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