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Lesson in letting go


I posted this picture on my Facebook page today. Jello looked like she was singing Miley’s “Wrecking Ball”! Hahahaha. At least in my eyes. ;o) She wasn’t really singing—duhh!!—but was chasing her hind leg. She loves to entertain herself by rolling around the ground, trying to catch her hind paw, and then biting it. Crazy. I love watching her do it, though. It’s quite amusing.


So I posted these pics online and I got a few likes and something totally unexpected: a personal message from a High School batchmate saying that she was interested in adopting Jello. Okay, if you are new to this blog, here’ a backgrounder: I got Jello from a friend who was leaving the country for good. I found a home for her but the person backed out last minute so I had to take Jello in. I said I was going to only foster her, but I knew deep inside that I was going to keep her. I talked about it here. I made it official a couple of weeks ago when I gave in and gave her a collar with my contact details.

And now someone is interested in adopting her.

I have to say that I am really torn about this. On one hand I think this is a good thing—she’s been incessantly fighting with my two kitties (Twister and Wednesday) so life would be better around here when she’s gone. But on the other hand, I’ve grown attached to her. She may be a Crazy Cat from Hell, but she’s also sweet and funny. I am going to miss our morning snuggles. She usually sits on the kitchen counter beside the sink while I wash the dishes. I will miss her company, too. I know I have to do this for the good of all the kitties—I think she will be better off as a solo cat anyway—but I’m going to miss her. 😦 I know my friend can provide her a good and loving home (she loves cats but doesn’t have one in her apartment), but I’m really going to miss my little Jelly Belly. 😦

So how do you let go?

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Third cat


I’m getting my third cat on Sunday. A friend is leaving the country and cannot take her rescue cat with her. She’s been searching for a forever home for her, but there have been no takers so far. She has no choice but to put her out on the streets if no one takes her. I don’t want that to happen so I’ve volunteered to foster and look or another home for her.

I am declaring to the world that I am only fostering this cat, but I know that it would be next to impossible for me to find her another home. So, like I said, I’m getting my third cat.

To be completely honest, I am quite apprehensive about this adoption. Twister and Wednesday get along fine… I don’t want to rock the boat by introducing another cat into the mix. Jello, who is turning 2 in October, is not used to seeing other cats. Twister, who’s 2, was an only cat for about a year until I got Wednesday (who was from a cattery and was used to playing with other kittens). I did the proper protocols for introducing cats–put them in separate rooms, let them get used to each other’s scents, and then let them see each other. It took about 2 weeks, but it went smoothly than expected. I was stressed, though, because I felt bad for both of them. Wednesday just wanted to play and didn’t know why she was all alone all of a sudden, while Twister, Mr. Lion King, didn’t want her around. I’d like to think that Wednesday won him over in the end. She’s so easy-going and friendly—I guess he couldn’t resist!

Now a third one. How would the two react? Would it change their relationship? I can’t put them in separate rooms anymore (long story) so I might keep Jello hidden in my room for a couple of hours, open the door and let things happen naturally. I’ve read in several sites that this is an acceptable way of making introductions as well. Keeping them apart for a long time might do more harm than good. It might stress them out more if they don’t see the new guy right away.

What do you think?

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Happy first “second” birthday!

Happy birthday, Wednesday! :)

Happy birthday, Wednesday! 🙂

A year ago today Mrs. Diaz of CARA Philippines brought this lovely little kitty to my home. She has been my lucky charm ever since! 🙂 Happy new birthday (“adoption day”), sweet Wednesday! :)

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