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Tales of Two Kitties Thursdays

I am in the prodome phase of my migraine. This is the pre-headache part: I’m exhausted, everything is muddy and cloudy, and I am taken over a general feeling of blahness. I usually just stay in bed and let it pass, but today I had to tutor and travel around the city. It was an excruciating day, to say the least. I’m raring to go off to dreamland, but before I do that, I must stick with my promise and post something in my blog. So, let’s do this!

My Thursday entries will be dedicated to my two kitties, Ella and Astroboy. They wil have their own day one day, but for now they will have to share Thursdays. They are inseparable anyway, so… I am grasping for words; it’s annoying me to bits. I will just leave you with a picture and maybe, maybe, tomorrow I can talk more about the two.

Good night!


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