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Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation

Did you know that an intact (un-spayed) female kitten can get pregnant up to three times per year? Each pregnancy could produce a litter of two to eight kitties. This means that just one female cat can produce between six and 24 kittens in a single year. Most of these kittens will be dumped or killed. Those who survive in the streets will reproduce when they hit puberty (at 5 or 6 months old)  and the cycle begins anew. 

The solution to this problem is for responsible pet owners to spay or neuter their cats. And to curb population growth in your area, do a TNR project: Trap, Neuter, Return. With your donation, you can help the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation do just that. Please click on the link below and help.

Please check out their FB page for more details about their program.

Every bit counts! Let’s do this!  🙂 

Thank you! 

#kaponangsolution #spayandneuter

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You see a cat, she sees a home

You see a cat, she sees a home

I am publishing a post from CARA Welfare Philippines’ Facebook page. Please support pet adoption.

PS. You can spread the word even if you are not from the Philippines. 🙂 Thank you!

Hi, everyone! The good folks at DDB Group Philippines has come up with an awesome adoption awareness campaign for CARA. And you can be part of the campaign! Here’s how:

1. Click this link:

2. Allow access to your webcam. This is how your image will be captured and used by the application. (Don’t worry, nothing will be shared yet at this point.)

3. Choose between the dog and the cat.

5. Check your “reflection” through the eyes of the cat/dog. Looks good? Click the camera button to capture the image.

4. You can now share the image on Facebook or retake the photo until you’re satisfied with it. You can also add your own adoption awareness message to your post if you want.

That’s it! Easy, right? And by letting your friends know that you support pet adoption, you’ve helped in our campaign already.

So go on, click to: and let’s spread the word that pet adoption is the best option. Thank you very much!

P.S. We’re having our “Adopt A Pet” event this Saturday, January 18, 3pm-8pm at Greenbelt 5 in Makati. We hope you can join us.

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I hope there’s a special place in Hell for people who abandon pets and hurt animals.

I was walking around Corinthian Gardens Village earlier this evening and found a sweet cat. She meowed as I passed by her, she approached me, and then started rubbing her head on my pants. She looked up and gave me another meow. I noticed right away that she was wearing a collar with a bell but no tag. I played with her for a while so I could check her condition. She was dirty but healthy. We were a block away from the EDSA entrance of the village; we walked over and I talked to the guards. Apparently she was abandoned 2 months ago (she looks like she’s 6 months old) and they’ve been taking care of her ever since. They have been taking turns feeding her and making sure that she’s inside the guard house when it starts raining. I promised them that I would come back and have her spayed. I don’t want her getting pregnant and having stray kittens.

I got extremely upset and angry when I saw her collar. How could people just abandon their pets!!! My anger dissipated, though, after I spoke with the guards. Bless them. I hope there’s a special place in Heaven for people who help abandoned pets and take care of animals.


(I apologize for the blurry pic. The cat was really frisky and lively so I could not take a good shot. That’s a good sign, though. It seems that they’ve been feeding her well. Yay!)

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Cat Tee Mission’s Artist Exchange Project

Friends, I’m the featured artist for the month of July of the Artist Exchange Project of Cat Tee Mission! 🙂 My t-shirt design is now available in their shops worldwide! It is also available on a mug in the US and EU shops, and a tote in the Australian shop. Go get one now and help save kitties in the US and Australia! 🙂

US shop:
EU shop:
Australian shop:

If you are in Manila, you can order via and P50 from the sale of each shirt will go to CARA.

Thank you!




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Here’s an update on the Manila Polo Club Cats from CARA:

We are happy to announce that the Board of the Manila Polo Club has decided to give the club’s cat colony a reprieve. They will work with CARA and their concerned members to establish feeding areas and a vaccination program. The TNR program will also continue to ensure that the colonies population stays at a manageable number. We would like to thank the CARA volunteers and concerned Manila Polo Club members for working hard to keep the cats safe. We would also like to commend the Manila Polo Club Board for being open minded and for agreeing to the more effective and humane solution. Thanks as well to all of those who supported this cause and helped spread the word.


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Please sign this petition


Please sign this petition! The Manila Polo Club wants to round up the already spay/neutered cats who have been living on the grounds for many years and send them to the Makati City Vets Office where they will be euthanized 3-5 days after being caught! Please help us stop this cruelty!

Thank you!

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