The Queen Bee

Ella Bella is our little princess, a true Queen Bee. She’s not menacing at all, mind you, but can be overzealous when it comes to dishing out headbutts and hugs. She will crack her skull against yours if she could. She purrs at the slightest provocation and will flash you her jelly belly out of sheer excitement. No one escapes her charm.


The Queen Bee


This is day has been challenging and I almost didn’t make this image. I had to leave El Señor Don Gato at the vet’s clinic earlier today. He had been limping for a bit and I honestly thought that he would eventually shake it off, but he never did. He also stopped eating yesterday and then this morning he drank water and vomited. Not good. So off to the clinic we went.

It turns out that his chipped tooth was bothering him. He damaged that long before I rescued him; it shows you how tough a stray’s life could get. So his vet recommended extraction. She also wanted to take a closer look at his leg, which apparently was swollen (he’s “fluffeh” so I didn’t notice!), so she scheduled him for an x-ray plus she shaved his leg. I will get an update along with the results of his blood work tomorrow. Hopefully he can come back home soon. It’s too quiet here. The other kitties are probably wondering where he is.


Portrait of an annoyed cat. El Señor Don Gato shows us his airplane ears.

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