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Let there be light!


Just a quick note before I go to bed: we survived Typhoon Glenda/ Rammasun (or Ramassun). It slammed Manila after midnight and we lost power in our area at 4:30AM. I was still awake and heard one of the transformers explode. Approximately 75% of Mega Manila had a blackout. We got ours back just an hour ago at 10:30PM; I still don’t know how much damage has been done to our city and the rest of the country. I did not have a stable mobile phone service (I had to search for spots outside where I could send and receive messages), no 3G connection, and no landline. The flood subsided at around 8AM. I went out at 11AM to check our water meter. Some of the pipes in our compound were damaged and water was leaking out. The streets were covered in branches and leaves, mixed in with garbage, metal sheets and wood. We found a strip of metal from our gate about 15 meters outside of our driveway.

I am grateful that we reached the end of the storm unscathed. From brief phone conversations and text messages I found out that my brother had leaks in his apartment—which he said was his own version of a storm surge— and that my parents’ garden was turned upsidedown. At home, I was scared and my cats were stressed out by the horrible howling wind, but we were all okay. Shaken but safe, warm, and whole. I am extremely grateful for that. Like I said, I still don’t know how the rest of the city and the Philippines fared. I hope no lives were lost.

I’m off now to read the news. Hopefully they are all good.


Typhoon Glenda Ramassun


It was eerily silent earlier. They said Typhoon Glenda Ramassun was going to hit Metro Manila early evening. Signal number 3 was hoisted over the metropolis at around midnight. The wind started to pick up around that time then it started to pour at 12:30.

Three of my four fur kids are fast asleep. Ella is keeping my tummy warm. The only one wide awake (aside from me) is my “first born”, Twister, who is standing guard by the fridge. I don’t think the wind will blow that away, sweetie! 😉


I decided to house the two stray cats my neighbors and I have been feeding. They said this storm will be a big one, so I didn’t want to risk them getting maimed by flying debris or getting sick out there in the rain. Gato (a.k.a. Siopao) and Rorschach (a.k.a. Hitler) don’t like lodgings I’ve provided for them (my downstairs bathroom); I can hear them complain once in a while. I guess it’s too cramped compared to our driveway, but better to have them in a controlled environment than out there. They will get over it. Hope other stray kitties have found shelter as well.


And I hope the storm passes soon. This is going to be a long night.

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Sebastian Magnani’s photos made me smile so I did these:



I think I will make some more. 😉

From behind the veil


It’s hard to think back; so much has happened since my last entry.
February seems like a lifetime ago. I wish I could say that it has all
been good that’s why I haven’t had time to post. It has been quite the
contrary, actually. I’ve been spending the past four months in a haze,
a sinkhole that is chronic fatigue and multiple sclerosis. I had been
forced into silence, too self absorbed and too embattled to function.
I still tried to keep up a happy front—I only post about the
travails of my cats. But even that has not been spared from misery.
Astroboy and Wednesday were diagnosed with FLUTD and were confined for
days at the vet.

Work has been… has been what? I don’t really know. I turned on the
autopilot and had forgotten to turn it off. I feel nothing.

After a scattered and unsteady and jagged start of the year, I must
salvage the next six months, find my own center again and get back to
habit of creating.

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