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Love bugs

Happy Valentine’s Day from my love bugs to yours! 😀


Wednesday and Twister


Astroboy and Ella

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Boy from the tropics: a winter champ


This is Michael Christian Martinez, the lone representative of the Philippines to the Sochi Winter Olympics. Last night he performed his heart out and qualified to skate during the Men’s Freestyle Finals today, Friday. His story is one for the books: he overcame his childhood asthma by getting into figure ice skating. There are only 3 ice skating rinks in this country, all of which are found inside a chain of malls. The right people saw his potential and encouraged his mom to send him to the US to hone his craft there. The mom agreed and said that she would rather spend their money on his training than on his medical bills. He qualified to join the Olympics without the help of the Philippine Government. His family pooled some money to send him to Sochi: they mortgaged their home and got some funding from the chain of malls where the ice skating rinks are. We did not know of his existence until about three weeks ago. He quietly and steadily worked his way to the top without noise and fanfare. And now he’s in the top 24. In the world!

Cliché as this may sound, win or lose, this 17 year old is already a champ. A special shout out goes to his family, especially his mom. This is the kind of love that I would like to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

Congratulations, Michael! Shine bright tonight!

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Twister's 3rd year

Twister’s 3rd year

Happy 3rd “Founding Day” to my one and only grumpy darling, Twister! He’s my “first born”, my original lucky cat, the one who transformed me into a Cat Mama, who inspired me to make pet portraits, Meow shirts, and help other felines like him. You are purrrfect to me, Mr. Sungit! Purrrrr on!!!



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Last weekend was tough and today was such a doozy! It started on a very sour note and it just snowballed from there. I even dropped my phone at one point and it stopped working properly after! Lovely!

To sweeten my night (or should I say, fatten it!), I dined on Special Ilocos empanada (deep fried with veggies, longganisa, egg, and cheese! Yeah!) from Farinas. Yummy, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that again soon!


After drowning my sorrows in cholesterol, I’m now numbing my senses by answering online quizzes and watching cute cat videos. White noise can be addicting. Astroboy is bored by all my drama and has fallen asleep. Guess it’s time for me to log off, too! I get a clean slate tomorrow! Whoohoo!


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