Oooops, I did it again

I forgot to blog. Again. In my hazy, busy state yesterday, I thought I had already posted the entry I was composing in my head. Oh well. 🙂

Saturday is my busiest day of the week. I tutor the whole day and, as much as I tell myself to stay indoors on a Saturday night, I almost always end up going out with friends. Last night was quiet, though. Dinner, a drink, then home. Met some new people (which is always hard for me because I don’t have the patience for small talk, not even on texts or instant messaging!) and they were laid back and pleasant to be with. I might even see them again soon!

I have to leave in a while; I have to tutor for a couple of hours. Yes, on a Sunday. Technically I do not have a day off, but since I am freelance and I only tutor a couple of hours each day, I figured it would be okay. I’ve been doing this since October and I realize — no, confirmed — that this set up does not really work. I need a day or two to totally disconnect. I need to rearrange my schedule again soon. Sigh.

My kitties provide me with much needed entertainment, so I leave you with this photo: guess what’s behind curtain number one? 🙂


I don’t think Astro is meditating.

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