Pretty in Pink

I finally gave in today and got Jello a collar and a tag with my phone number. I’ve been looking for a forever home for her for a couple of months, and the more I spend time with her the more she relaxes and trusts me, and the more she endears herself to me. I guess she’s REALLY not a foster cat anymore! Sigh. I am weak! The other morning I woke up in pain because she was kneading my thigh. I let her continue because I didn’t want her to feel rejected. Like I said—I am a wimp! 🙂 Oh well.


P.S. I think she will look good in tangerine. Maybe next year. ;o)

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One thought on “Pretty in Pink

  1. […] her. I talked about it here. I made it official a couple of weeks ago when I gave in and gave her a collar with my contact […]

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