One more pic before I go to bed

I drew my feet and grocery bag while waiting in line for an hour for a cab. It wasn’t exactly the smartest move on my part to go to the grocery on Holy Wednesday, on the eve of the Holy Week exodus. In Manila. Duh! At least I was prepared. My feet were killing me, my back felt like it was about to break, and my hands were shaking from fatigue, but I did not lose my temper and was calm the whole time. Thank God for my journal, pen & colored pencil, and my new contact lenses! 😀

Have a blessed and peaceful Holy Week! Safe travels!


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2 thoughts on “One more pic before I go to bed

  1. Bernadette says:

    It’s amazing how focusing on a “quick” sketch can take away all that ills you, at least temporarily. I carry art materials too.

    • My shoulder hurts because I lug around a lot of art materials. I’ve learned to streamline, though, and just bring a small notebook, a pen & indigo pencil. 🙂 I was going to start drawing the ground, but it was already my turn to take a cab. Tsk, next time! 🙂

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