Sunday night / Monday morning

No genies in here

No genies in here


I’ve been working all day in front of the computer. No holiday for me! 🙂 I’m not complaining, though; I really enjoy updating my website. I was finally able to upload things in my shop! Yipee! I like all of that, but, I have to admit, I needed time to stretch my hands and brain and draw. I couldn’t think of anything to sketch so I chose the water bottle in front of me. Not pretty, but–whew!–I desperately needed that. 🙂

Brain is slowing down. Getting distracted again! I always leave the door to my room open so that the cats could freely come and go as they please. Guess who’s baring her tummy right in front of it?



She looks like she’s daring me to go ahead and streeeeeetch. Sigh. I wish I could just relax like that! 🙂 Guess it’s a sign that I should go get some shut-eye myself. *yawn* Tomorrow is going to be another loooooong day. Like I said, no holiday for me!

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2 thoughts on “Sunday night / Monday morning

  1. Bernadette says:

    Sketching the water bottle is a great idea, as is stretching on the floor with your cat!

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